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Andreas Unruh, new Chief Operating Officer

Newtrims International AB is pleased to announce the appointment of Andreas Unruh to the role of COO, Chief Operating Officer.

Partner since 2014 and Board Member of Newtrims since August 2016, Andreas Unruh was already supervising business development and sales administration, as well as more recently project management.

“Over the past four years, Andreas Unruh has supported the overall operational development of the company” states Per H. Storm Danielsen, Chief Executive Officer, Newtrims International AB and continues “with his new function as COO, we are certain that Andreas will further contribute strongly to the delivery of client value in supply chain improvements and cost reductions for the apparel brands and retailers”.

“I am confident about the growth prospects for Newtrims, which are empowered by sustained investments in innovation and people and look forward to execute my expanded responsibility“ underlines Andreas Unruh.

About Newtrims:
Newtrims International AB is an independent operator assisting the global apparel brands and retailers in creating operational efficiency, reducing transaction cost and ensuring real and proven focus on sustainability.

Malmö, October 1st 2017

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