• Define and control your supply chain strategy!

    Define and control your supply chain strategy!
  • Improve your financial results!

    Improve your financial results!
  • Secure sustainable processes!

    Secure sustainable processes!

Newtrims delivers both consultative services and product- & programme-solutions for trims and accessories in the apparel supply chain.


We optimize your supply chain, cut your cost and give you control

We enhance your brand’s supply chain by optimizing the Tier 2 component -supplier level, delivering transparency, sustainability and right costing, with improving your financial results.

Enabling you to advance your main cost element, the Tier 1 manufacturing level.

Think, Act, Control.

We’re committed to help you define your brand’s best sourcing strategy, based on a detailed analysis of business areas such as the current manufacturer and supplier structures, products, components and consequently identify initiatives for improvement.

After delivering a detailed overview of current structures, cost, processes and potential risks, we establish actions to:

  • release cash and free up working capital
  • secure real sustainability
  • reduce the workload / simplify processes
  • establish full transparency and control