• Improve your supply chain!

    Improve your supply chain!
  • Prepare for RFID implementation!

    Prepare for RFID implementation!
  • Secure sustainable processes!

    Secure sustainable processes!

Newtrims delivers both consultative services and product- & programme-solutions for trims and accessories in the apparel supply chain.


We optimize your supply chain, cut your cost and give you control

Newtrims is an independent operator assisting the global apparel brands and retailers in creating operational efficiency, reducing transaction cost, ensuring real and proven focus on sustainability and preparing for the introduction of new technologies for item level identification

We use the proprietary tool Strategic Trims™ for evaluation and to facilitate change. Decision making on the sourcing of trims and accessories is elevated to the strategic level, creating the optimal cost structure and the appropriate sustainable focus while preparing for the introduction of new technologies 

 Shape up your supply chain!