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Newtrims facilitates change at Stadium

Newtrims has recently completed a change-process at Stadium, covering an evaluation, renegotiation and reimplementation of the supply-chain for brand-labels and variable data products with the main objectives to improve service levels and optimise cost. Newtrims’ method is to bundle, co-ordinate, elevate and negotiate to ensure business transformation with solid and lasting effect.

Åsa Bolkert, Head of Production & Sourcing at Stadium; “Newtrims examined our delivery structure for labels and identified a possibility for improvement in the way we organize our processes and co-operate with suppliers. As a consequence of the initiated change, we are now in a position to operate more efficiently and have achieved substantial cost savings, all while maintaining the quality standards and securing compliance with the core values of Stadium”.

“We have been astonished by the result and realised the potential for real and lasting improvement in the field of trims and accessories, accomplished by the services of Newtrims International AB”.

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