We improve apparel brands’ EBIT by upgrading their tier 2 supply chain with our global supplier pool.

Results for apparel brands:

  • Releasing cash: in item cost, in cost of managing the processes and in working capital
  • Enabling simplification through a controlled supply chain to achieve higher speed to market and more flexibility
  • Enhance sustainability in all products and all processes
  • Support the digital transformation, also for online sourcing
  • Support the possible relocation of manufacturing

Our projects are defined by the customer’s needs rather than the capabilities and capacities of the suppliers, we set up customer- programmes based on demand-driven structures. This ensures the right blend of products at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

We interact with our partners based on a set of SLAs and contracts.

Newtrims works with a number of international partners offering products and solutions for programme implementations.  These partners are major, global operators in the industry as well as regional or specialised, technology-based niche suppliers.