No (supply) chain is stronger than its weakest part


Result improvement

We offer apparel brands and retailers an industry-unique and complete focus on supply chain development for the sourcing of trims and accessories. We create streamlined processes around your needs, and not based on the supplying companies’ abilities. This leads to cost reductions and result improvements.

The process includes evaluation of present status and costing, using company internal tools for check-list, structural analysis and score cards, proposals and cost advantages of alternative set-up > leading to a fast, flexible, cost- and capital-efficient global supply chain.

The main objectives are to facilitate and enable decision making, reduce number of suppliers and number of internal steps and transactions and minimize the number of departments and offices involved, eliminate correction cost in development,  limit time and cost spent on change management, reduce variants and SKUs, reduce mode of change, remakes and transportation cost, limit errors and in sum; optimize the supply chain through deepened partnership with suppliers

Focus on process cost rather than item price demands a holistic view on both fabric and trims & accessories from “cradle to grave”, i.e. from design to checkout at retail


Statement from the market “The supplier of the suppliers is the permanent problem in the global apparel industry”

The focus on sustainability is growing among major apparel brands and retailers. It is widely seen and promoted as an integral part of the company’s values and approach to business, addressing the environmental and social impacts of the industry. It is generally accepted that responsible social, environmental and economic practices are paramount for achieving business success. But are sustainability charters also valid for trims and accessories? Only a proven, controllable and consistent supply chain ensures real and full compliance in all parts of the processes.

Include Trims & Accessories; control the flow!